Friday, 17 June 2011

Sixsational by Meg Cabot

Princess Mia's had a lot on her plate lately...just like always!

This was a well-written sixth instalment to The Princess Diaries, where Mia's life is still as chaotic as ever, but without being so chaotic it's no longer something girls can relate to.

This was the instalment where I really connected with Mia. I suppose it was her birthday that clicked me on in the previous instalment- mine was happening a couple of days after I read it- but as I was reading Sixsational, I picked up on some stuff:

1. We share a love of writing
2. We're both seeming to do better at maths than english, when we would much rather be better at the latter
3. We both have our limits in the love-life department
4. We're both on the nerdy side without nerdiness taking over our lives
5. We're both opposed to the generically popular crowd

That being said, I'm sure there's a side of Mia that any young girl could relate to. It's as though Meg Cabot has designed her like this- like a leader for the girls who are thrust to the pits of school society, to show them that they are just as good- if not better- than the crowds who thrive on popularity for ridiculous reasons.

Mia is something of a Princess of Misfits.

The plot was, as usual, entertaining and original. I've never read anything quite on the level of this series, except, perhaps, the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, which was more focused on the humour of being a teenager and romantic  developments in this time.

This is a great read which WILL make you want to read on. Prepare to be hooked on a series.

I think any girl over 13 should have access to this series.

My rating: 4/5

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