Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate

Luce has been confused about her relationship with Daniel for long enough. Now, she’s going to delve into their past to get the answers she wants…a past that goes right back to the Fall from Heaven…
The Fallen series has FINALLY changed. This book was a clear stand-out from Fallen and Torment- in these books, Luce and Daniel’s relationship is shrouded in depression, confusion and secrecy- a monument to the love of a girl who’s been left in the dark and a boy who’s afraid and unwilling to show her the light. In Passion, the absence of the dark, soggy mood and the distractions of other guys, we can see the real beauty behind this once never-ending love and let ourselves relax with a soft, sweet read of a mutual, instinctual adoration.
Luce is FINALLY taking control. She knows what she wants and she’s not letting Daniel stop her from running her own life, even if she is and always will be crazy about him. She is still too quick to accept help from other, unfamiliar people, a short-coming that has been seen throughout the series and the one washy quality she retains from her boarding school days. It is good to see that she has grown independent, unique and a little bit special, even if she is stupid.
The really interesting thing here, however, is the variation between her past personalities. We get up close and personal with many different Lucinda’s and see sides of her that we never would connect with her name.
Daniel is FINALLY not presenting himself as overbearing, uncaring, rude, forceful, or a jackass! And just when I thought that he could never redeem himself… This is a place to take a break and watch how Daniel really feels about Luce…how he’s always felt about Luce. He’s totally focused on her now, not on keeping her from blah blah blah and saving her from blah blah blah and not letting her know blah blah blah. This is about him getting her back, just so that he knows for sure that she is safe. He hasn’t grown, necessarily, but he’s different in Passion, and it’s a side of him that I like infinitely better.
The writing style was quaint and low-key- it was a good representation of the mood of the story and the feeling of taking a break from the drama. Until, of course, it becomes evident that we are hopping right back on the Drama Train. The format- a backwards chronology- is good and nicely relevant to the  way this story needed to be played out. The new twist here would have been shocking if a certain someone hadn’t told me what it was and you’ll be surprised to find the evil in this tale that can’t possibly be all sunshine and rainbows.
This is a book that is well-deserving of the 


that I gave it. If you can find more faults with it, then I’m going to guess you preferred the doom and gloom to the romance and you found it over-whelming and unrealistically soppy. If that is your opinion, then we’ll have to agree to disagree. I loved Passion and most people should as well. (Not that I am implying that my opinion is more important than anyone else’s.)

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